MCOM 225: Critique #9 – Louis CK

P.S. I know i'm posting it late... 
so I guess you might not count this but I'll post them nonetheless because I worked on them.

 Oh, Louis.

I always had a funny bone. I admire witty people with a sense of humor and people who can make others laugh.

Contrary to popular belief, stand up comedy is one of the hardest things to perform live.  It takes a lot of perseverance, a great sense of humor, stage presence, improv competence, and the guts to get up on stage and do your thing.

I discovered Louis randomly when watching TV… his show “Louie” came up and what tempted me to continue watching the show was the way he was screaming/ ranting about, it was ultimate rage and it was hilarious.


Louis’s style is the day to day struggles and dealing with his “crappy” Life. He takes our mediocre first world problems and makes them hilarious. This, I think, is his secret weapon because a lot of people can relate to struggling with marriage, raising kids, divorce, dating, money, dealing with life, etc.  etc.  It’s Personal, and this is what distinguishes him from other comedians.

He performs his sketches in such a silly way and uses his full body to intensify the situations. He feels so natural on stage, he doesn’t feel forced. His storytelling techniques are great! you never get bored… High Five for real comedy!

This is a compilation of his funniest works:


#9 DONEEEE! one more!


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