MCOM 225: Critique #10 – John Mayer

Last and final post for this course…. *tears*

P.S. Again this is a late post so...

I picked this cover by John Mayer because it’s one of the best covers I know for “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Louis Armstrong. 

Imagine standing in front of all these people, playing music for them, and they’re just sitting there watching you. listening. John does a great job with being vulnerable yet active on stage. He entertains with feeling and just watching him play is transfixing…

He has awesome technique and his voice is so unique ( that rhymes!). There isn’t another musician that’s quite like him….he’s really diverse in terms of his music and genres.

I don’t really know how to critique this… he plays with feeling, which a lot of other musicians don’t do.

Watch the video and if you’re into blues you’ll get it.

#10 Done (mixed emotions about this 🙂 / 😦 )


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