MCOM 225: Critique#6 – Ghadi

The Lebanese film industry’s always struggling due to funding and let’s be honest; lack of support. I, personally, am rarely compelled to watch a Lebanese film mostly because the screenings are usually in Beirut and then they die out quickly and I’m too lazy to go and buy the DVD (abou aalouften). But Ghadi was something else. 

Mainly because I was forced to watched it it CS class….



I don’t have time to write my own synopsis of the film so here’s the trailer:

George khabbaz is one of my favorite and most prominent actor, writer, director, comedian, musician, playwright, producer and Theater Professor.


If you’ve watched Khabbaz’s old works you’ll know how silly he portrays himself to be, and surprisingly he doesn’t seem odd in this  part. He plays a husband, a dad of three, a music instructor, and an active member in his neighborhood. His character flourishes during the course of the film. We see him as a lost young boy falling in love with music. Then as a young man confused about having his third child, Ghadi and so on.

Usually, when we get used to seeing certain actors as comics, we find it hard to accept them in more dramatic roles. Yet, Khabbaz doesn’t give us that impression. Of course he does add his own soul and style to it which make it such  great and enjoyable performance ( if you manage to get all the sarcasm)

#6 DONE!




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