MCOM 225: Critique #7 – News Presenting

Our second performance was News Presenting.

That’s Moi! hehe :3 Photo Credits to my Beautiful Sista

The rest of the class was kind of hesitant about it, but I didn’t mind it that much because One: I’ve done it before in the MCOM251 course and Two: it’s crap loads easier than the monologue. (I.M.P).

Over all, I feel like I did an “O K” job… 

I worked on the things that badly affected my last performance, and that made all the difference. Structuring the news items and working on how to present them was really fun,  but of course thats not how they do it in the newsroom.

Nonetheless, I feel like I’ve come a long way since I first tried presenting and reporting, and the things I learned in the class sort of taught me how to focus my energy and not freak out as hard as I used to. I was more confident when I was presenting the news items this time. What helped was also the fact there was only on person in the room…

But in terms of critiques… I’d say I could have slowed down a bit and focused on properly presenting with breaks and such. Maybe looking more at the camera would have also helped. Being Calm. Being CALM. BEING CALM!


Alright, so yeah that’s everything I can think of about my final performance.



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