MCOM 225: Critique #3 – Celebrity Duets


The only worthwhile thing about the show is that it gives to charity and helps NGOs.

The show airs every Sunday an 13 celebrities who don’t particularly sing team up with guest singers that change every episode. The show takes place in front of a live studio audience and 3 judges, 2 of which are just filling up an empty seat. The funds from voting go to a specific charity  or NGO depending on the eliminated celebrity of the week, which depends on voters.

The singing isn’t even entertaining. The Presenter tries too hard and she looks at the teleprompter like she’s a dementor trying to suck every ounce of what’s left of your happiness while watching the show. . . When the time comes for “judgment”, Oussama Rahbani roasts the celebrity for having a bad voice, disregarding the fact that the initial reason for the show: Charity!

Maybe I’m being too harsh… but honestly it just doesn’t appeal to me. In Arabic it’s what we call “ta2 7anak”, but  I guess that’s what’s selling these days.

But I have to critique something so I went on YouTube and clicked the first video and it turned out to be Chef Antoine el Hajj so I’ll just critique that.



So in this one the guest was Ayman Zbib (I think that’s how you spell his name) and Chef Antoine. It was excruciating to say the least… so chef Antoine was up there feeling the beat and singing along, it was kinda funny to watch but I would definitely be lying if I said it was a good performance. He was clearly nervous, which is understandable, anyone would be, but all he did was attempt to sing and was moving up and down to the beat. He didn’t look at either the audience or the judges, he only looked at Ayman because he was making him feel more comfortable…. I guess. I don’t know. I can’t really talk about his voice because he’s not a singer…. the rest of the celebrities are the same, hes not an exception, but some deal with it in a funnier.

This Critique is obviously my personal opinion, I like the idea that this show donates to charity but I think that it is a waste of money in the first place as a show. There are better ideas for shows that can donate to charity and can also educate or you know… stop making the masses stupid... have a purpose other than passing time. But some people enjoy it so, can’t really say anything, it’s a matter of taste.

Critique #3 down! 5 more to go…


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