MCOM 225: Critique #2 – Damien rice acoustic Concert

I recently watched a live performance for Damien by mistake… I was looking through the recommended videos and the video popped up. The first thing that drew me to it was the good video quality… I hate watching live shows that are in bad quality because it kind of takes away from the essence of the performance. So I clicked on the link out of boredom and I’m so glad I did because it is one of the best live concerts I’ve watched.

The first thing you notice is the cozy and intimate atmosphere, you’d think that it would be awkward with all these people looking at him but he manages to work through it. His nervousness adds to the overall atmosphere, it’s almost his identity… the subtle anxiety and shyness that shadow the fervent feeling of the songs. Despite the small space it doesn’t feel over crowded, he interacts with the audience asking them to sing along with him or he asks for them to sing the back vocals. The advantages of playing such an intimate show are the details. His facial expressions and cracks in his voice. The rawness he delivers to the audience made the hair on the back of my neck stand and sent a chill down my spine…. And no I am not exaggerating. His songwriting alone is enough to hit you right in the “feels”.


The chemistry triangle between him, the audience, and the drummer is intriguing and the mistakes give the performance a spontaneous feel. He establishes a “give and take” relation with the audience and uses what little space he has to feel what he’s performing. As the playlist goes on his performance becomes more intense, he increases the volume of his voice and strikes his guitar strings with more power, of course all while the drummer is responding to Damien’s needs. All this leads to him being vulnerable and showing it to the audience. Not all musicians perform in a raw and genuine way, and this makes the audience feel special. He’s not just some guy that came to do a gig in a hotel, he came to show you his pain, and he came to make you feel every lyric that comes out of this mouth and every cord that plays out of his guitar.


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