That Time of year again….. Hello Uni

I usually don’t like writing personal posts but I haven’t posted anything in a while.. I thought I might as well update it before university starts again tomorrow and I start posting about classes. There’s a weird good/bad vibe floating around the fact that I’m starting uni again… even though its only been three weeks since the summer semester ended. I’m excited but there’s stuff that I’m worried about, but the best thing I can do right now is just hope for the best and not let the the possibility of this year turning bad affect my efforts to make it good. ANYHOW! The summer flew by and so many things happened. The sucky part is that I only remember it vaguely… it just…. poof! I think the best way for this post to work is if I write bullet points.

  • The biggest and most important lesson I learned this summer is that I will move on. I will survive. I will eventually accept, forgive and forget. There are things in my life that I can control and change and there are things that no matter how hard I try or how badly I want to…I CANNOT change them. The only thing I control or change is the way I react to them. And this is something that I have to constantly keep working on. It’s a work in progresses. So this is like an on going goal…NEXT

  • I GOT THE FRANCE 24 INTERNSHIP! WEEE! yes yess… I was shocked as well. I was the only junior and least experienced person in the class, but somehow my SKILLZ came through! It was a really tough and intense experience for me because the course was about presenting and reporting…. both included standing in front of a camera which I didn’t really like at the beginning but towards the end, I become “immune” to it. One of the reasons I was able to get this awesome opportunity was because of Melissa, our instructor. She was an amazing trainer and motivator. She taught so much in just two weeks! I felt like I learned more in two weeks than this whole year…. there are pros and cons but in short it was a great experience! (I can’t believe I didn’t want to take this course…) Right now I feel like I have a clear idea of what my strengthens and weaknesses are, and what I want to do in the future.

  • I’ve been taking an online JavaScript course for the past month and its been great! I’ve always wanted to learn some sort of programming language and JS seemed like the best choice. The end goal is to actually try to build a website but I’m still a noob beginner. I’ve been getting a lot of help and  motivation from a friend and she sort of indirectly motivated me to start. Oh and I’m planning to be part of workshops that some friends are planning at Uni, maybe we can motivate more people to care about Tech and Computer Science.

  • The Sounds of Tripoli is going great! I’m not a primary “partner” anymore but I felt it in the more than capable hands of Souad! She did an awesome job and I can’t wait to see it. This experience was though but it sort of put everything in perspective. It’s really hard to try to create something here, in this situation, in this area, in this country, with no funding, no supoort, etc. Everything is that much harder. But I’m determined and I know what I want do. I feel like I have a certain way of doing things and I just need to find people who will accommodate. At the end of the day it’s a team effort. I’m not worried, nothing greats works out the first time…. I just have to work harder.

  •  Phone-Photography has become an important aspect in my “creative life”? haha if that’s what it’s even called. I really don’t get why people find it less of what ever it is. You are still documenting whatever you wanted to document. I agree, it’s not the same as a DSLR, but for everyday photography and practice a good camera phone is more than enough. I feel like i’ve grown as a result of always trying to find that perfect shot. I know it might sound trivial but having an Instagram account or any sort of Photo-Sharing profile motivates you. It forces you too look at the world differently and well yeah. I might not have 3M follows but I find it gratifying to post something when I can. I mean all these things first start off small and it’s mostly for ones self, to feel like you’ve accomplished something and the more one is willing to learn the more they’ll grow.

  • I’ve recently re connected with a few friends from the past and a few people I never thought I’d get long with… life is funny that way. One of the things I tired doing this summer is to stop being so secluded and picky with people or things. So yeah when the opportunity struck I sort of took it. I worked on things I never thought I’d work on… and because of that I have a few side projects lined up for the year. I’ve been introduced to a lot of new things, ideas, mindsets etc. It’s refreshing (when it’s the right people). So it is going to be a full and hectic year… mostly distractions but that’s alright.

  • Hmmm what else….

  • I’m thinking of permanently moving to France if things work out in the internship this summer! I never thought I’d ever move to France… out of all the countries! But I’ve been recently discovering how awesome it is and anything is better than here… but for now it’s just a far fetched option for the future.

I have nothing else to say. The rest is just personal crap I have to deal with. I feel old. I went through a lot of “unfortunate” events that sort of aged me in a way or another, but that’s life. I feel heavy. blah…. anyway despite all of that I’m just going to try to do the best with what I’ve got and stop letting everything get me down. This WILL be a good year. SO I guess this is it! Stay tuned for Class related content and I promise there will be no more of these boring updates! The courses this semester are pretty interesting…. Till then. Baaaai  🙂


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