MCOM227: 6th Blog Post – Suffering Video Analysis

Suffering comes in many shapes and forms: Poverty, war, Famine, etc.

In this blog post I’m gonna be focusing on the effects of war. So these are two videos about how war effected two different counties: one effect of agent orange  in Vietnam war & the other is a minor but powerful perspective of war from children’s point of view and experience.


Victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam War still suffer

For those of you who don’t know what agent orange is, it’s a Herbicide (chemical weapon) that  “The U.S. military as part of its herbicidal warfare program, during the Vietnam War from 1961 to 1971”. Unfortunate, the side effects of this war is still ongoing and is affects thousands through birth defects. This news report shows us the effects first hand.

The impact of war on children | Syrian Refugee Crisis

The Syrian civil war, compared to the Vietnam war, is something fairing (after two years) new and is still on going. The effects of war are told by children, personal experience is also included.

Both represent children and their stiffening. the tactic that was used here to represent suffering is to make personal. Both, in some way or another end up making you pity these children. The way that these videos are composed gives you the right info to make you feel guilty about your safe and perfect life. But even then, there’s a limit to your compassion because you are sitting there on your comfortable chair,  in your beautiful and save home, wishing you can do something to help but you end up doing nothing cause of the Compassion fatigue and normalization. They’re both very educational and interesting, but they’re taking advantage of the viewer and sort of reinstating information.  Children are the ideal victims. there are two different wars but the same moral outcome is reached.

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