MCOM227 : 4th Blog Post – Transnationalism in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

This is one of those lighthearted movies that leave you feeling pretty good after you’ve finished watching them. The assignment is about analyzing the transnationalistic elements in the movie.





So lets start with a quick summary: According to her father and family, Toula, a 30 year-old Greek-American,  has one goal in life: get married to a nice Greek boy and make Greek babies. As she grows up she feels trapped in her boring life working at her family’s restaurant. Unlike her older sister and younger brother she has ambitions and dreams but due to her “Greek” heritage the rest of her goals seem less important.

Plot twist:  Towards the middle of the film we see Toula transform into the woman she was to be. She convinces her father that she should attend college and after  that she starts working at her aunts travel agency office. She archives her goals but what’s messing? A Greek husband of course! The plot twist is that she falls in Love with Ian ( who is a none Greek & a vegetarian…..Interesting). As the movie goes on Toula struggles with the fact that her family (mostly her Dad) doesn’t really accept Ian due to the fact that he is not Greek. Things heat up when Marriage enters the frame, to try to reach common ground Ian turns Greek and tries his best to do whatever it takes to be able to marry Toula.

LONG STROY SHORT: At the end co-existence is achieved. “We are fruit”


There are several evident aspects of transnationalism & stereotypes:

  • Big close family (strong sense of family).  Ian’s parents couldn’t care less about Ian converting (don’t have a strong attachment to religion or heritage vs being very attached to roots and religion)
  • Traditional family =  father is the head of the family and males have more power (supposedly)
  • Extremely proud of their roots, ethnocentrism
  • Trying to live a Greek life in an American society
  • Etc

What this family was trying to do it was all the immigrants in the US do. They apply the things they used to do (morals, tradition, ethics, etc)  in Greece (country of Origin) in the US (host country).

At some point or another the two blend together: Like the fact that they live the American Dream (business, house, car, education, social life,  etc)  but they live it in a Greek way…. I don’t know if that makes sense…

Anyhow, there’s this paragraph from Neil Gieman’s Novel “American Gods” that I wanted to share but I can’t seem to remember how it goes exactly…. the general idea is how America was a/is a melting pot and  back in the day they were a “dumping ground” and escape from death penalties. The whole book talks about all the different gods from all over the world that now exist in the US, the idea being that as people went to America they also took their beliefs and tradition and so on.



(the fictional & cliche happy ending in movies…)






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