MCOM227: 2nd Blog post – Subject position & Media consumption

“Without self knowledge, without understanding the working and functions of his machine, man cannot be free, he cannot govern himself and he will always remain a slave.”

― G.I. Gurdjieff

I don’t really know how to start this or develop it or end it, so this blog post / assignment isn’t going be properly structured…  and will be kind of short.

Before you continue reading you should know that I’m the type of person that exist in the gray area of the universe…. I don’t always have a solid opinion about things, there’s always two sides to everything and I agree with both (depending on what the thing is). Hence, I’ll just be babbling about whatever it is I’m talking about…. okay. Oh, AND I try not to limit myself so my media consumption is kind of broad….there are only a few restrictions.

The Meme below describes how I’ve been feeling since I was consciously able to remember, haha! not really but sort of. This assignment asks us to be “honest with our selves”


Obviously, (since I don’t like talking about myself) this is sort of  a difficult topic to write about. It needs introspection and a lot of self-awareness because lets face it,  how can I write about myself if I don’t fully understand or know myself, right?


Well not wrong wrong, but not completely right.

I’ve mentioned before that (I took this for a previous blog post) : Honestly, I don’t know[who I am ]  for sure. I do have a solid idea of who I might be [and who I want and do not want to be] … I’m a person. With interests, thoughts and feelings and the rest is just noise and words. It’s one of those things I get and know and understand this entity that is “Hala”, but can’t really put it into words. I know the kind of person I’m not which makes it kind of easier to understand things. Nonetheless, I’ve never liked titles or categories or labels. I think people exist on a deeper level (connotative level), we are complex human beings. We have common traits, habits, interests, and vices, so on and so forth, but that doesn’t make us the same “person”.

Anyway, With that being said, I also think that we are fragile creatures (psychologically) and that we might not be as active or in control as we thought we were/are. There are different factors that affect each person’s personality and character.

The easiest way to do this is through a list.

Gender/ Age: Well, I’m a female. (I think…… JOKES). So as a female my media consumption differs from a males media consumption, but certainly there is a midpoint. A broad example would be how females don’t just read fashion magazines and cook books (and watch cooking shows) or don’t always have to go for the romantic comedy movie  and might go for the action one instead….. As for age, personally I think it’s just a number. What affects the media consumption is probably maturity. 

Hence, I’m not really bias towards due to age….. I tend to view things that make sense to me and that  fit my interest spectrum.

Culture / History/ Politics : I grew up in Lebanon and lived here all my life. I know enough about it’s history and culture and the only influence I can think of here is that due to the political tensions and the country’s instability, News has become something of a necessity. BUT recently I stopped attempting to watch the News for two reasons: 1- It’s become to melancholic and 2- I’m gonna stop pretending I understand the formal Arabic they speak. I just end up doing what I always do and ask my mom for a recap). Politics is a a waste of time in this country it doesn’t help anyone and is the source of  prejudice for most of the Lebanese population. Politics is enforces in the most corrupted ways ever. I love Lebanon’s culture and history so I like watching these TV documentaries and reading books about it.  

I’m sure there’s more but those are the 5 major ones I think.

In general, ever since I started taking this course and figuring out how media works, I’ve realized how easy it is to influence people. All the theories that explain these social and tech. phenomenons. I’m the first example, I don’t even know why I watch the stuff I watch, read the things I read, look up the stuff I look up etc. As  Gurdjieff said the best way to be free is to know yourself and understand why you do the things you do so you can stop being fooled.

Anyway, this was such a fail of a blog post but it had to be done.



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