How to drink more water: Lemon-y Water

Creepy Critiques

Water has countless benefits.I know this because I NEVER get any of those benefits – I  don’t drink enough water. *sad*
But maybe the reason I don’t get enough water is that I’m never thirsty enough. Sometimes I purposely eat salty food just to be able to drink more water.
I’ve tried forcing myself. I’ve kept bottles of water by the side of my bed. I’ve carried bottles around campus in case I felt a little thirsty. Alas, I still live off of a cup of water a day.
I decided that if I can’t force myself to drink more water, maybe I can trick myself into getting enough hydration by adding flavor to my water. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing better than a ice cold glass of water to relieve immense thirst, but since I’m rarely that thirsty, my lemon water does the job.
Now I like drinking…

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