MCOM227 : 1st Blog Post – “Underground” and The Allrgory of the cave

This is probably the most copious movie I’ve watched recently. It’s 2 hrs 47 mins long and we had to read subtitles.  The movie takes place during WWII, the Yugoslavian Wars, , and the cold war. 

Divided into parts :

Part One: World War II ( 1914 /1944)

Part Two: Cold War (1961)

Part three: Yugoslav Wars  (1992)

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is about how knowledge affects humans and intelligence and reality so on and so forth.

I decided to do a table to illustrate the similarities between  Emir Kusturica’s film, Plato’s metaphor and Mass Media.

MAIN SIMILARITY & IDEA:  Mass deception.

(click on the image to view in higher quality)

Table 1Table 2

There are more aspects but I settled for these 4 obvious and important relations.

Other thoughts:

In the Allegory the cave allowed the prisoners to imagine.  The things that he saw in the outside world were more real than the shadows which are/were his reality. He understands were the shadows came from and the statues and the sun and the trees and so on. The concept of belief. The others prisoners refuse to let go of their false reality. One of the main point in the Allegory is to share and spread the knowledge, but bad / untrue / fictional can also be spread and shared out of ignorance.

In the movie, Blacky is so fixated on fighting and defending “His Country”, he’s deluded with that idea, and eventually it gets the best of him (and his son). He never stops to rationally think and analyze ( how could he? he was underground with no connection) but the point is that he willing accepted the passive intimation given to him and the rest of the people living in the cellar.

During class when we finished watching the movie and started discussing it, I couldn’t help but notice the passive information I myself have  absorbed. My classmates starting point stuff of and  was surprised that they caught on to all those aspects. Hence, it’s very easy to deceive / manipulate / delude / (and all the other synonyms that exist ) a person with the right mindset.


I don’t really know where I’m going with this blog post…  I should probably end the post here since I can go on babbling on for days and not talk about anything specific.



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