The Dangerous Summer’s Golden Record

I was introduced to The Dangerous Summer in 2011, I instantly fell in love with “Reach For The Sun” and “War Paint“. Reach for the Sun  just had this vibe…. the lyrics, the drums, the way that the whole album is connected, every song, AJ’s vocals… the list goes on. They were one of the many (great) bands that got me listening to alternative back then, and now nothing has changed, I didn’t pass through that phase where I stopped listening to them, they just stuck.

In their 3rd album  “Golden Record“, they’re enormously better, all of those aspects x10 ( the lyrics mostly, deeper and more symbolic) it’s catchy and it makes you feel good! what’s better than that? I don’t really have anything else to add…

Listen to this playlist, if you like it then check out the rest of their stuff, if you didn’t like it then that’s alright! we don’t all have the same taste…. haha.

Anyhow, this was sort of a random cliché  mini review..

ENJOY Creatures.  🙂


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