MCOM200: Multimedia Project

One of the assignments, which was our Midterm, was to create a commercial / Ad for a product of our choice. We chose coffee because whats better than coffee?

Its been months since we wrote, filmed and edited the ad but I’ve been so busy and didn’t have the time to post it then so I’m posting it now. Deal with it.

So the whole process was amazing, annoying, stressful, “I wanna poke my own eyes out because I’m tired of this bullshit” but nonetheless, it was amazing. It was a sneak peek at what I would be dealing with in the future (hopefully). It was a very educational experience, all the misunderstanding, incompetence, and technical difficulties help us learn on our own time in our own way.

We had to:

  1. Pick a team (Soaud, Nadin, Hisham and I)
  2. Decide on a product
  3. Write a Script
  4. Film the Ad
  5. Edit it
  6. Present it

We were giving about 2 months to complete everything. BUT Moi being the lazy procrastinator I am, being stress by other courses, finding common time, etc.. we ended you doing it 2 weeks before the deadline… It was hectic, VERY hectic. It took, in total, about 74h to finish ( I had to pull an all-nighter the night before we had to submit it to finalize the editing.)

At the beginning there wasn’t a lot of teamwork but we pulled it off towards the end! we had soo much fun! wouldn’t have done it differently because I learned from all the crap, so yeah..

Anyhow, I’m currently still editing the Making Of so I’ll post that when I’m done.

Enjoy this for now and try not to judge our noob skillz 🙂


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