MCOM200: Filming intro. Session


This is the session I’ve been waiting for for the past few weeks. I was (am) so excited I could barely contain myself. It wasn’t THAT great, but I was flooded with excitement and curiosity; hence, I didn’t really focus on anything else other than the camcorders and equipment.

So the session started off in the computer lab and we were handed a copy of a chapter, from some book, related to studio lighting. After the attendance was taken, we went down to the studio. I was the 1st person to get out of the lab and I speed walked to the basement where the studio is. A friend and I found a guy just sitting there in the dimly lit room, messing around on his phone, we were later told that he is the director of something related to news in MTV Lebanon, I feel bad but I also forgot his name (again, too busy adoring the Camcorders). We went in and found a seat.

An introduction to all the equipment was given, including spot lights and tripods (and most importantly: THE AMAZING SONY alpha CAMCORDER!). At some point, we were given a chance to go explore the Cameras; naturally, I hesitated at first but then I practically ran towards it. I immediately starting playing around, trying to figure out what all the buttons and clicks were for. I discovered the iris / aperture / ISO , as well as the zoom and focus. We were split into 2 groups, the guest speaker was busy explaining to the 1st group, so I took the liberty to explain the things I already knew to the group I was in.

This isn’t the exact model, but it’s close :

At the end of the session, the guest speaker decided to “POP” quiz us, (more like asked for a volunteer to see if we were actually listening to anything he was saying), and decided to dissemble the camcorder from the tripod, pack the tripod, turn off the Cam and let someone reassemble it all together again. The studio went silent for a couple of minutes, I looked around wondering if anyone would volunteer, but no one did. SO I GOT UP AND WALKED OVER TO THE CAMCORDER AND TRIPOD. I was nervous because I was handling expensive equipment…. would be sucky to break something or drop the cam, but I reassembled it like a BOSS! The guest speaker helped me by holding the Camcorder while I adjusted the tripod so it would tilt over and fall. After mounting the Cam and adjusting tripod height and what not, I turned it on and adjusted the focus, Iris, and zoom. AND then I was done! He gave us some last tips and that was that!

That was a great first experience!

Sorry for the newspaper, but I thought it would be interesting to share my first encounter with whats, hopefully, going to be my life’s work!

(wow this was really long……)

Good Night Earthlings!  (or Extraterrestrial creatures, I’d like to think that ETs are reading my God Awful Blog, it motivates me)


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