Video of the Week: Kings Of Leon – Supersoaker

I’ve listened to this song (/album) 24/7 these past few weeks! (whilst also listening to other newly download (YES! DOWNLOADED) music!) I Think it’s great. Beautifully done. I’ve always loved KOL, and this album made me love them even more. The album has this vibe….. don’t know what it is…. but I’ve always associated it with KOL. They’re doing their own thing , their own sound, their own vibes, and Caleb’s voice is the most unique voice ever; I can recognize it instantly. (This surprised me at first too) The fact that they’re all bothers is beyond awesome. Yes Yes. No jokes.

Also this Music Video is light, cute, and retro……….. hjasfgdehgdfljgfkj. I loved the personal closeups. Oh and how at first when each instrument comes in they focus on it…. PREFECT.

Anyway. This was sort of like a mini review + Video Of The Week.

From Rolling Stone:  The single “Supersoaker” is a sterling road-dog anthem with dogfighting guitars.

Read more:

Enjoy, Creatures of this universe!!


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