MCOM200: Photo-scavenger hunt!


Assignment II

I literally jumped out of my seat when our instructor told us about our next “challenge” :p

→ A PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT! YUPPIE! 😀 I started hyperventilating and sweating (TMI) and I immediately started to think of ideas.

Ms. Dima gave us 7 categories (or maybe more but I distinctly remember 7…) :

  1. Joy
  2. Panic
  3. Yummy
  4. Distinguished
  5. It’s all about perspective
  6. Photo of the day
  7. Who am I?

One of the many reasons I was excited about this assignment is:  I wanted to try out new techniques and ideas. Which I did!! XD I tired out extreme close up ( that’s when you  turn the lens in the opposite way, so that the part that’s supposed to be mounted to the body is exposed… It was risky business since some dust can get inside the camera). It was a new concept for me, I’m usually used to taking photographs of what’s right in front of me (occasionally thinking of creative perspectives) … documenting moments. This time I actually had to “THINK” of what the picture had to be. Nonetheless, it was interesting.

Anyway! Here are the Photos I selected 🙂

(I alternated between Camera and iPhone)


2 thoughts on “MCOM200: Photo-scavenger hunt!

    1. Souad! Thank you so much! I feel the same towards your style as well!!! I love the sarcastic phrases and lightheartedness of your posts 😀 I’m waiting for more 😉

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