MCOM : Expectation

Assignment I :

Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed

― Alexander Pope

Over the past few years, and due to some unpleasant life events, I’ve come to accept the fact that things aren’t going to turn out the way I want them to. At least not perfectly. I’m starting my fist year of Mass Communication without a preconception, only expecting what I’ve read in catalogs and “Find your perfect major” reviews. These sources generally informed me that I’ll be taking courses related to mass media and in various fields including: Journalism, PR, Audiovisual, Radio/TV, etc.

The aspect that drew me in the most was the fact that I’ll be taking Audiovisual courses, and being a film buff and all made it hard for me to look for another major to pursue. To be honest, I wasn’t as excited as I hoped I would be to start my sophomore year, but that feeling quickly subsided after my first class. Despite asking a lot of people about the courses, I couldn’t help but feel that I made the wrong choice. I mostly perceived it that way because it was weird sticking to just one thing when I was used to dabbling with a lot of different subjects during freshman (and everyday life, trying to satisfy my curiosity).

I can surely say that that is no longer the case. After just a couple of weeks, I’ve loved a lot of things about Mass Communication, including:  the copious courses (that cover several topics that I’m obsessively interest in), surprisingly pleasant Professors, the creative flow I feel in all my classes and the somewhat empowering freedom.

I’ve always been curious about why media/internet/tech. is such an important aspect in everyday life. How did it evolve to become the foundation of the 21st century? Why do some people have the urge to tweet every single thing that happens to them? when is it okay to post every meal you ate in a day on Instagram? Are Documentaries replacing  books? is 4G really available in Lebanon? The future of Artificial intelligence on Smart phones can help you book a flight? Does Privacy even exist in modern-day communication? If not, why and where is all your information being stored?  why do I keep asking silly questions? and so on.

I guess at the end of the day I expect to learn things that are going to enlighten my idea of Mass Communication,  offer me some answers to the (many) questions, and delineate some of the vague aspects.

I aspire to someday be a part of the Film-making industry. Films/Videos, in my opinion, are one of , if not the, most important communication tool out there! It combines things that fascinate me the most in life: Music, Books/Writing/storytelling, visual/ Photography/Video, Documenting people/things, etc. I think that film (or any visual technique)  is the most effective way to cause change.

This Post was kind of a fail but that’s all I talk about at this point.

 I’m excited to start this Journey and expedition through this uncharted area! 


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